About Us

Why Choose Us

ACXEL Integrated Solutions, a Singapore based end-to-end technology solutions provider, focusing on empowering our customers thru harnessing the latest technologies to assist their expansion. Established in 2006 , We offer cost effective IT Consulting & Solutions, intends to meet the needs of our clients with high quality of service & ROI.

Our Key strengths

  • Over 25 years of  IT industry experience
  • Excellent project management skills, Multi-platform support and in-depth technical knowledge
  • Understand your problems and propose an apt solution that works for you
  • Quality support

Acxel Differentiators

  • Gaining an edge over your competition by technology enabling your business takes an in-depth understanding of the inner workings of the business processes, the requirements of the end users, and superior technological expertise.
  • Our competitive advantage is derived not only from our consultant’s knowledge of technology and the client’s business, but also from their ability to understand and work with people

Our Process


We discover more about your business, what is important to you and what you wish to achieve


We analyse user stories and plan development sprints for the required functionality


A selection of user interfaces and user experience models are created for the software


Our team of developers tackle the user stories and functionality defined for each sprint


Functionality is continually tested during development to ensure quality via unit tests and human tests


Development sprints and client presentations are conducted every two weeks whilst developing

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